What, why & how

The effect of a video, for the price of a photograph.

Motion Photographs are elegant, visual stories in super-condensed form. Think of it as half-animation, half-photograph; a format that can play on any screen, online and offline. It’s eye-candy that not only stands out, but also speaks to people.

We don’t run a sausage factory - we will make you something unique. Our aim is to deliver a thoughtful consumer experience, where execution and design play an equally strong role. A good place to begin, is with your material. Once we have that in hand we can get back to you with a cool idea for a visual narrative based on your images.

We can also help create Motion Photographs from scratch. Not So Fast Media Founder and Motion Photographer Lukas Renlund is an experienced content creator. He has a career background in fashion, advertising (Ogilvy) and in art direction. By working together from the beginning, we can achieve greater control over the end result and land on something that is truly awesome.

Want to see some examples of the great work that we can make for you? Just click play!